6.9.10 Olympia Experimental Music Festival

Hi all! It’s been a while but here’s an update…

Tomorrow, Pas is off to play the Olympia Experimental Music Festival.  They’ve been putting this thing on since like 1997, back when I was still busy learning Green Day and Sublime songs.   We’ll be playing as a three-piece which is always a blast (though Jon will sorely be missed).

This Sunday, 6/13/10  Copesetic is playing the Boro6 indie music festival.  We’ll be joining our friends Tip Canary, Bern and the Brights, The McMickle Brothers, The Porchistas, Rainbow Fresh, The One & Nines,  and more!

Robert and I sat down and started mixing The Caged Bird Sings CD, so be on the look out for that in coming months.

Also, have you seen Tumei Tejas‘s work ?  He’s a fresh new and barrier-smashing video artist that I’ve had the pleasure of collaborating with for the past year or so.   Cloud Cloud has been performing with his videos in a live setting, but we’ve also been very busy in our studios, getting things recorded, synced up, and legalized for public viewings.