7.6.10 The Avant Garde Festival

PAS + Vultures Quarter at the Avant Garde Festival Schiphorst, Germany 2010

The Avant Garde Festival, hosted by Faust, was fantastic. PAS / Vultures had a great set and I met a lot of new friends, including the Vultures, Lydia Lunch’s Big Sexy Noise, ookoi-A Table!, Reportaz, Toys’R’Noise, Philippe Petit, Blaakraft, Thorsten Soltau, Underdog, and many more. I plan on going back next year. Thanks to Mr. Pepper for persuading me and enabling me to go.

Cloud Cloud has a few shows coming up. We’ll be at National Underground on Sunday July 18th, and I’ll be at the Tank a couple times this summer -July 27th as Cloud Cloud with Ideosynchronic, and August 2nd at Amber Brien’s session.

Cloud Cloud (SIB) will also be playing a  set at the experi-MENTAL festival, at Goodbye Blue Monday on August 7th and 8th. Curated by Robert Pepper of PAS and Zilmrah, it’s sure to be killer. More details soon.

Also, I applied for a Sound and Music grant to do The Caged Bird Sings at Cafe Oto in London. Fingers are crossed !!! We shall see…

There are also other things in the works. Maybe something outside, under the stars, surrounded by water. Something out of the way but visible, hearing the waves, feeling the breeze and feeling alive. Tasting the succulent nectar of inspiration and irritation, and having been seduced out of our crazy minds, basking in the pleasure of our company, to refer to a hilarious book by Steve Martin. Yes there are many other things in the works. 🙂