9.23.2013 I saw a ghost ! ! !

I saw a ghost on my honeymoon!!

Don’t believe me? Good thing I snapped a pic. Just look at the top-most post. And for god’s sake don’t like my page.

cheers ! 

EMF^5 is here:

That’s right, Experi-MENTAL festival V is here – Thursday 9/26 opening party at SPECTRUM (LES) then
Friday – Saturday – Sunday at Goodbye Blue Monday, as always. Click flier to facebook invite. Curated by Pas Musique, Alrealon Musique, and Brett Zweiman (Queen Elephantine/ Clutter).
Visuals by Jim Tuite on Thursday and Saturday!

SK Orchestra 5:30 -SHARP SHARP SHARP- Saturday 9/28 at Goobye Blue Monday. Call it 5pm if you need a half hour buffer like I do 🙂

And Last:

Sunday Special set in the neighborhood, Sunday Night Supper (9/29) at The Saint Catherine.
I’m playing a solo theremin set at 9pm sharp for only 15 minutes. So, get there early if you want to catch that.
Dinner starts from 8pm.