I seriously have some awesome shows coming up
starting  tomorrow Wednesday;

  1. Wednesday Oct 23rd, 8:30pm sharp, Csaa (In Silent Barn)
    The Use / Rachel Mason collab tunes
    As part of Rachel’s “It All Started Right Here”.  –
    FB and a live feed at 830 pm wed.
  2. Thursday Oct 31st, Jefferson Market Library –
    The Strange WallsSean Monistat, Michael Durek.


  1. Nov 14th – The Use @ Silent Barn, following Rachel Mason’s “Through The Mountain”, presented by CSAA  FB EVENT
  2. Nov 19th – Pas Musique @ Silent Barn – details TBA
  3. Nov 26th – The Paper Box-  FB EventDr. Evilletown
    Jason McMahon

    The Use
     (Feat. Jillianna Richcrick dancing and
    Christine Edwards on drums)
    Stranger! Danger! 
  4. Nov 30 – Special surround sound presentation The Use
    w/ Rachel Mason; Also Amar Chaudhary (Catsynth)
    – at Harvestworks


  1. Dec 1st – Paper Box – dinMachineEmil Memon Feat. The Use, Brett Zweimann,
    / Members of the Veldt, details TBA
  2. Dec 12th – Sound Design Presentation with
    Jim Tuite Video for L. Mylott Manning‘s Watch Dress:
    “Kiss the Dark”————–Oh yeah!  2 untethered, yet mastered
    tracks are  s-t-r-e-a-m-i-n-g  from
    “What’s The Use” – on the Alrealon Bandcamp.ALSO I am on a sweet free compilation
    –  Square Peg in a Round Hole vol. 5 !
    Dark Electronic, Techno, New Wave, Rock.
    Download it here – free / pay what you wish.

And Thanks Brian B. For the flier ( which I cropped below)

9.23.2013 I saw a ghost ! ! !

I saw a ghost on my honeymoon!!

Don’t believe me? Good thing I snapped a pic. Just look at the top-most post. And for god’s sake don’t like my page.

cheers ! 

EMF^5 is here:

That’s right, Experi-MENTAL festival V is here – Thursday 9/26 opening party at SPECTRUM (LES) then
Friday – Saturday – Sunday at Goodbye Blue Monday, as always. Click flier to facebook invite. Curated by Pas Musique, Alrealon Musique, and Brett Zweiman (Queen Elephantine/ Clutter).
Visuals by Jim Tuite on Thursday and Saturday!

SK Orchestra 5:30 -SHARP SHARP SHARP- Saturday 9/28 at Goobye Blue Monday. Call it 5pm if you need a half hour buffer like I do 🙂

And Last:

Sunday Special set in the neighborhood, Sunday Night Supper (9/29) at The Saint Catherine.
I’m playing a solo theremin set at 9pm sharp for only 15 minutes. So, get there early if you want to catch that.
Dinner starts from 8pm.

9.3.2013 Rachel Mason at Harvestworks


Working as producer and collaborator with Rachel Mason as a part of her residency with Harvestworks. Excited to dig in and start experimenting with creative 7.1 Surround Sound concepts.

Rachel MasonWikipedia: Rachel Fleet (née Mason, previously Amanda Fenshaw) was a fictional character in the BBC television drama series Waterloo Road.

8.20.2013 Two shows, one release, then getting married :)


Just included pic of my father and stepmom’s street, because  a whim told me to.  I’m a slave to whims :)Wanted to share two events! Then I’m getting married ya’ll, to the love of my life.Creative Grove – Fri August 23rd – Outside at Grove St.
Ladies and gents, playing at grove street path 7pm next friday, if you’re around come stop by, trying to cram these new tunes into some kind of performable state… Original set. DJ McCammie spinning tunes all afternoon.

Badmitten / The Use collab original set w/ Jim Tuite on visuals  – August 28th Spectrum
121 ludlow, Manhattan (LES)
Electro Chill Dance Grooviness
Also features everyone’s favorite saucy Aussie, Lisa M. Dowling et al.
7pm, $10-20 floating donation

Update on the recording: 

I am grateful that my debut disc “What’s the Use?”  is getting released on the Pas Curated Series on the Alrealon Musique label….and it is mastered and done !
After 200+ hours of work, and a lot of ups and downs, I have managed, with lots of help, to make an album that perfectly suits …my own quirky tastes! LOL Will anybody else like it? No fucking clue! I think so, but only time will tell.  In any case,  I’m grateful to have had the hours and hours and hours to work on it in peace (Thanks Anne Percoco), and ALL the support!

Robert L. Pepper (Pas Musique), Phil Gerber (Alrealon Musique/ John 3:16), Christopher Gilmore (FluiD Musique/Alrealon),  Billy Perez (iiwii studios – mixing), Jay Van Dyke (drums),Mark Weinberg (vocals/writing), Rachel Mason (vocals/writing), Erik Tarekith (inner portal studio – mastering), and Brian Bolanowski (cover art) are all involved in the production, distribution, and/or played and sang on this disc.    Grazie to all !


6.5.13 Guitar performace, Make Music NY, Thump Thump Thursday in JC, Releases

Sure, soon it will return, and I’ll be going to bed with an ice pack velcro’d to my skull, but for now it’s all good.

Playing guitar outside to John Dunstan’s short film “The Secret Life of…My Small Urban Backyard”
in Jersey City on Sat, June 15th
It’s in Riverview Park, free, at dark. all info here
Heard of Make Music NY? 
I’m playing as The Use at a Make Music NY / Vaudeville event,
McCarren Park Bk, Friday June 21st.
feat. Vaudeville (Ian M Colletti), Delphic Oracle
(Christiana Key), Faten KanaanThe Use (Michael Durek),
What Color is Your Machine Gun? (Brian McCorkle),
Eric Lemmon (Circles and Lines)
**Show link.***
I told you about my debut full length album, “What is The Use?”  
Been “workin’ it” day after day on my debut release on Alrealon Musique, Pas curated series.
Well the new PAS release is almost out too!  Abandoned Bird Egg will be out July 22nd!Stay tuned for a summer EP from The Use as well, with some choice remixes.
Here also, is an interview on Damned by Light,
with label heads Philippe Gerber(John 3:16)
Robert L. Pepper(Pas Musique), Christopher Gilmore (FluiD)

Coming up:

 I am playing and curating the first…
Thump Thump Thursday at The Lamp Post in Jersey City
July 11th.
Mark it, and
*Stay tuned*

Rachel Mason‘s Full length feature film, The Lives of Hamilton Fish is being premiered
at the Pineapple Underground Film Festival on Hong Kong!
It was such a pleasure to do sound design and foley work on this very moving and original film.
Congrats Rachel!
Check out the links if ya have a sec

2.22.12 Tour Dates up, Playing theremin on US premiere with RSO, March 17th at Spectrum!!!


Click "display images" for the full experience
photo credit: Kerwin K. WilliamsonWhat? How did I go from making eerie Pas Musique melodies to getting hired by a 90 person orchestra to play theremin?

I’m not 100% sure, but I’m having a blast learning this material.

I’m not quite ready yet (and don’t have to be), but I’m going to to a test run at Val’s Brooklyn edition Bday show at PPL! Sunday 2/24 8pm.
Household Tales 
Theodore Robinson –
The Resident Artists of PPL (Brian McCorkle, Esther NeffB.J. Dini, Simon Seapony,Valerie Kuehne –
Matt Dallow
Raymond Todd – Poetry
Dave Treut does Something
A contortion dance by the Amazing Amy
Streaming KITTEN VIDEOS all night LONG.
donations collected for the show will go towards adopting a resident kitten at PPL!SAT MARCH 2 
Then you can see me at Rutgers, March 2nd, 7:30 playing with the orchestra. Lera Aeurbach‘s Icarus.


Sunday March 17
THE MANHATTAN ICE FROG II is coming Sunday March 17th at Spectrum.
To kick off my West Coast tour. (dates still being added)
7:30 SHARP, Early show.

The Use
Beta Test
Stranger! Danger!
Vaudeville (Ian M. Colletti)

1.11.13 What does a Use performance look like to the floor? Of course I’ll show you :)

Click to watch a short view-from-below video.

I’m pleased to be rocking out at Musixplore, from 1pm-3pm invited by John Korchak ofArtcrime, who is also playing as house band.
Sunday Jan 20
4 Spruce Street
Paterson, NJ

This neat bloggerjoyofviolentmovement wrote up my performance with Rachel Mason and the Little Band of Sailors at RH Gallery and took some cool pics.

My remix of the grammy-nominated Lumineers (blessed by their Lead singer Wes), ishere, and has almost a thousand hits since I made it available to the public a few weeks ago.
Here’s the remix: The Lumineers – Morning Song.

Debut release is upcoming on Alrealon Musique this spring, to be followed by a west coast tour from Seattle to Los Angeles.

If you enjoy my music, consider sharing it with a friend and giving The Use a like on facebook.

Your generosity and positive attention are massively appreciated! You guys are the very best! Like Clint Eastwood said as he was arguing with an empty chair 😉
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Two Events at Spectrum courtesy of the amazing Robert L. Pepper / Pas Musique.
Sun 2/10/2013
Sun 3/17/13

Omega Sound Fix III 4/19 and 4/20

12.2.2012 //////// 12^3 is coming //////

Never before seen…

Tuesday Dec 4th (Brooklyn) The Use returns to Vaudeville Park w/ never before collab surprise guests!  lineup:

26 Bushwick Ave, BK   .   8pm doors.

What Color is Your Machine Gun?
The Use (with surprise performers )
Subversive Intentions (Maine)

Wed Dec.12th  (New Brunswick, NJ)

Alfa Art Gallery
108 Church St.
New Brunswick, NJ
12x12x12 = MAGIC
Featuring sets [from first to last] by:
Blithe (doll)
The Use (formerly Cloud Cloud)
PAS Musique
Trinitron  (w/ Ernest Intorrella)

Thurs Dec. 13th (Manhattan, LES)

SPECTRUM 121 Ludlow, second Floor, with comfy Recliners
1) Pulcinella (Ex-Manburger Surgical)
2) PAS with visuals by Jim Tuite and improvisational movement by Gia Lisa Krahne
3) Luciernaga (Fabrica Records)
4) Remnants (Imminent Frequencies)

Tues Dec. 18th (w/ Rachel Mason, LES)

For those of you who don’t know I’ve been developing a fresh new body of work with Rachel Mason fusing electronic worlds with vocal explosions.
More details and shows to come!
Details TBA

Lastly, I am booking my first freaking solo tour for the last two weeks of March based in California.  Any tips, leads, venues, shows appreciated!!

Cloud Cloud on Ableton.com | Free exclusive Download | George Sand Show

1 – Cloud Cloud is on ableton.com

This track was selected in the top 10 out of 2000 entries by electronic-music titans
M83, Nosaj Thing, and Junior Boys.
I also won $1000 worth of prizes, couldn’t have done it without you!  Mwah!

And Congrats to the grand prize winner, Paul Dateh and all the participants!


2 – New Track “Jersey Ripe”

List below
or Join the mailinglist to get your FREE download.



3 – George Sand at Muchmore’s Sunday 8/19 at 8pm.

2 Havemeyer Street
Brooklyn, New York 11211
pssstttt – I play theremin in this band 🙂



Coming up and other news:

-My partner in crime, Trinitron is playing tomorrow
Thursday 8/9/12 at Spectrum

121 Ludlow Street, 2nd Floor.
7:30 PM Sharp!

Curated by my other partner in crime Pas Musique, and Damien Olsen


Copesetic will return for a farewell show
for Jason Van Dyke on 9/11 at Lucky 7s!!

More details to come!

The legendary Experi-MENTAL Festival IV is coming this October 5th through 7th


The 4th edition of the Experi-MENTAL Festival will be held on October 5, 6 and 7, 2012.
The Experi-MENTAL Festival 4 will be a three-day music festival
concentrating on creative and experimental music performance of all genres
and artistic disciplines. The festival is run by the Brooklyn based experimental
audio/video project PAS and Alrealon Musique.
The festival will take place in Brooklyn on the weekend of
October 5, 6, and 7th at Goodbye Blue Monday in Brooklyn, New York.