6.25.2012 CloudCloud @ Eleven Hands Clapping; SKO @ 13 Thames

Shows and stuff

And thank you everybody for your support in the Ableton Beat The Clock contest!  I came in 35 of almost 2000 entrants.

Coming up:

  • July 7, 2012 – CloudCloud @ A Night of Clutter / Funkadelic Studios
  • July 11, 2012 – CloudCloud @ Big Snow Buffalo Lodge
  • July 12, 2012 — SK Orchestra @ Spectrum
  • July 20, 2012 — Ping Pong @ Rockn’ Joe Union

4.17.2012 Omega Sound Fix II – Electronic Music Festival

“The Omega Sound Fix is an innovative and eclectic music festival that takes place in central NJ, curated by Michael Durek and Mark Weinberg.  The festival showcases top electronic and avant-garde musicians, video artists, and performance artists.  The first Omega Sound Fix manifested on November 20th and 21st, 2010.  Omega Sound Fix II will be a 2 day event taking place in New Brunswick, NJ on April 20th and 21st, 2012 at Alfa Art Gallery


3.21.2012 Omega Sound Fix II – Innovative music festival in NJ

Experimental Music Festival resonates in New Brunswick art gallery

Over fifteen innovative acts will perform at the bleeding edge of sound on April 20th & 21st at Omega Sound Fix II at the Alfa Art Gallery, New Brunswick, NJ. The festival began in 2010 when curators Mark Weinberg and Michael Durek sought to fill a void for a spirited festival of new and innovative music in central NJ.

Among the performers this year is spoken word artist, Brick, who was born deaf but now expresses himself with inspirational tones that he has created to cope with adversity. Brooklyn-based experimental trio Prehistoric Horse, and danceable ambient artist $50 trumpet (also hailing from Brooklyn) will be generously sharing their skills on the bill. Avant-garde vets ArtCrime will take the stage on the opening night. And Chester Hawkins, playing as Blue Sausage Infant, will be there from Washington D.C., hypnotizing and stimulating with loops, arpeggiated vibrations, and everything in between.

The local element at the festival promises to be powerful. Blithe(doll), excavating their innovative electro/trip-hop siren calls, will be returning for their second Omega Sound Fix appearance, as will part- techno-part-down-tempo atmospheric laptop guru, Borne. Asbury Park’s rising Wreaths will headline the first night, displaying their warm and mystifying saturated drones. Fairychaser will stop you in your tracks with their heartbreaking combination of ethereal percussion and starkly classic vocal stylings. STRNGLV’s multimedia demonstration of nebulous pulses will take you on a trip to the astral plane, but don’t float away…

…because you don’t want to miss festival curators Mark Weinberg and Michael Durek, who will combine sonic forces on day two for a memorable Trinitron/CloudCloud set. Trevor Pennsylvania and Jim Schmidt’s foray into no-wave, a movement swaying you to the left of the proverbial dial, will take shape as The Summer Dresses. 2673 will intrigue with his blissfully oppressive sound worlds, ranging from barely there zero ambiance to speaker shredding walls of noise static.

Open your mind. Allow these unique transmissions to wash over you. There is water everywhere. This is the Omega Sound Fix. Your perfect prescription awaits. ………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………

Visit omegasoundfix.com for full line-up and details

Tickets are $6 for one day, $10 for a two-day pass. Doors open at 7 p.m. on Friday and 5 p.m. on Saturday.

2.9.2012 – 4 shows, 3 groups, 2 releases, 1 theremin

New PAS releases

Split 7″ with Torsten Soltau on m.m label

Flanked by Women and Pumpkins on Alrealon label


Friday 2/3
On theremin supporting Jay Pluck




Saturday 2/4
On theremin supporting Rachel Mason @  the Queens Museum (Unisphere)

Queens Museum’s Biennial opening party Three Points Make a Triangle
7:00 – Brian Zegeer and Baby Copperhead’s Pull My Daisy video remix.
8:30 – Rachel Mason at the Unisphere

Saturday 2/11
On theremin supporting Zilmrah

Legion Bar
790 Metropolitan Avenue Brooklyn
8:30p Valerie Kuehne
9:30 Zilmrah
10:30 Jazzfakers
11:30 Chonto/Tamura Sonic Insurgency

with Jay Pluck

Vaudeville Park
26 Bushwick  Ave.
Doors at 7 PM

12.7.2011 Brooklyn Fireproof; Dec 17th Trevor Faurot Tribute; we’re on TV, dudeks; Classwar Karaoke

1 – PAS at Brooklyn Fireproof 12/8
Reverend Screaming Fingers Big Band+Little Band of Sailors+Alias Pail+PAS Musique
119 Ingraham Street, Brooklyn, NY
Doors 8pm
Suggestion donation – $10 RSVP

2 -New Cloud Cloud set at the Court Tavern 12/17  Trevor Faurot Tribute show
The Court Tavern. 108 Chuch St, New Brunswick, NJ
DOORS: 9pm ,  I go on first
$8   RSVP
The untimely passing of Trevor Faurot, a great musician and great guy, has prompted a Tribute show, headlined and curated by Trevor’s group Waking with Cavemen.  I will be playing as Cloud Cloud and premeiring the NEW SHIT – listen to it on Classwar Kareoke………..

3- New Track on Classwar Kareoke Survey CK0016 – Cloud Cloud – “Phony Insect Water Machines”
On the same survey, my theremin work is also featured on Zilmrah’s Upheavals in Remission
and check out the new PAS track there while you’re at it!  Or heck download the whole survey for free, over 2000 folks already have.

4 – SK Orchestra / PAS on TV in Germany Watch
With Robert L. Pepper and Michael Durek (Or as they write – Michael Dudek, obviously b/c I’m a dude)
Also Brandstifter, Meng-Hsuan Wu, Inox Kappelle, Daniel Hering, Datashock, and many others appear.

AvantElectroExpectroExtravaganza, TheaterLab, The Most Passionate Speech Ever, Solo CloudCloud Set

* The most passionate speech ever set to SKO music!

Did you see this crazy guy? I was inpired to spice up his speech with an SKO track and some wild dogs. He takes a football coach role and “plays” that role in the context of a local political speech. Content aside, it is unintentional performance art at its best.


* Sunday, Nov 20th, 13 Thames, 3rd Floor AvantElectroExpectroExtravaganza

A truly diverse feast of innovative music!
Sunday Nov 20th
13 Thames, 3rd Floor, Brooklyn
PJ’s not required8:30pm – SK Orchestra – Ambient / Experimental
9:10pm – Loop B – Brazillian Junk Percussion
9:50pm – Badmitten (damien olsen) – Electro/Lounge/Space chillOut/ Post Rave Ambient
10:20pm – Amar Chaudhary (catsynth) – electronic instruments with “modern-clasicical”, jazz and world-music
11pm – Doom Trumpet (simple, meditative, layered pop songs) 


* Saturday, Nov 26th, A night of Experi-MENTAL music
$10 with complementary wine.
Richard Lainhart and Lucio Menegon
Koning’s Blauw
Amar Chaudhary
‘History of the Future’ live film score directed by Richard Lainhart with ‘The Orchestra of the Future’.

I will be playing here in lots of different capacities.

* Solo Cloud Cloud set at the Court Tavern Saturday 12/17/2011 , details soon.


10.26.2011 Sound candy in New brunswick, Performance at Dino Eli Gallery with Laura Mylott Manning

1 – International and local acts tomorrow Saturday 10/22 in New Brunswick (!!)
Come enjoy and drink wine with…

Doom Trumpet
SK Orchestra (Mike Durek, Brandstifter, Tsubasa Berg, Jim Tuite…)
Wizards of Oi (Brandstifter, and Aaron Moore from Volcano the Bear)
Summer Dresses (Trevor of HAB and Jim Schmidt)

This is Brandstifter’s Farewell show before he returns to Mainz and the river rhine.

Alfa Art Gallery, New Brunswick, NJ
108 Church Street
Face Book Event


I’m accompanying Laura Mylott Manning as sound designer for…
Smash, Crumble and Grind – Chalk Dress
Dino Eli Gallery
81 Hester Street (At Orchard), Manhattan
Artist reception;
Friday October 28, 2011 6 – 9 pm
The Performance is at 7 pm
I was commissioned to make a soundcollage to accompany Laura’s performance.
Note: The performance itself will last about 10 minutes, so don’t be late!

10.7.2011 Super Coda, Bananas at DUMBO Arts fest, SK tape out

1- Supercoda show on Sat October 8th  – Show at 13 Thames SK Orchestra tape release show, Brandstifter & Kerstin Lichtblau, Jerry and the t Party, $50 Trumpet pre-vietnam send-off show!
Show starts at 8pm.
$5, we tried to make it free but the venue charges a little to help with rent/accommodating us/etc

2 – Did you see my bananas?
Two weekends ago, at Bartertown for the DUMBO arts festival, if you gave me a receipt you would have gotten a banana, or a GOLDEN banana.
It was called “Bananas for receipts”

3 – The Tape! Micro-release , original silk-screened art, hand-numbered, on sicsic tapes : SK Orchestra live at the Flux Factory.
Dust off your tape player and dig in. Check out the art by Paula de Castro.

4- A little pic of me in Rachel Mason‘s Opera “Alien Suns” this was a gas!