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On My Deathbed feat. Rachel Mason premiere in Brooklyn Vegan

“Semantix” Video Premier on The Wire Magazine

Review on  Dark Entries by Peter De Konig

Alrealon Musique released CD+DL comp  – :::from A to U::: via The Wire Magazine‘s Below The Radar series.   Since 2009 the series has featured such acts as  Oneohtrix Point Never, Ben Frost, Holly Herndon  and many more.

TheUse performs on Scott Williams show on WFMU, and is uploaded on the Free Music Archive to download.

Cibo Matto Remix in IMPOSE mag [link]

The Village Voice mention for Mono No Aware IX

9/10 Screen Shot 2015-05-04 at 12.27.30 PMreview from Dark Entries [Belgium] – [link]

“Michael Durek under the name of The Use shows me an example of how electronic pop should sound like.” –psyche music [link]

IMPOSE Magazine pre tour write up in week in pop [link]

“Listening to the music of The Use is kind of like opening a window into an alien world to see what its pop music is like.” – In-depth interview on CHAOS CONTROL DIGIZINE [link]

PennyBlack: What’s the Use? by The Use () is “one of the finest debuts this year” [link]   Dec 2014

Obsküre national print magazine gives What’s The Use? an 8.5 [JPG] Nov 2014

“I’m the fourth dimensional deep space phenomenon,” lord Black Saturn assures us. Ten lords-a-leaping remix the declaration in rotation. The core is hot; the surface is cool…”
Weaver / Tiny Mix Tapes…/listen-the-use-feat-re-fused

“Aunt Joanne’s Metaphysics” video in The Huffington Post

“Electronica can be very effective, if you know how” [translated] – Bad Alchemy [link]

“Overall an entertaining debut catering to the audience of labels such as ANT-ZEN, WARP RECORDS & Co, which issued similar examples (maybe with less joy of experimentation) of sound-art. Play it? Love it or hate it! [translated by WvS] – Kulturterrorismus Nov, 2014 [link]

“Right away, I hear the swirl of motion, followed by strings. A very nice sequence unfolds, then a 4/4 kick! Well, what better way to make otherwise immobile matter move than with a house groove? The track is very avant-garde, with familiar electronic sounds arranged in strange, playful, eccentric ways.” – Alex Spalding via yeahiknowitsucks

“If you think all electronic music is cold and distant, What’s The Use? may introduce you to a new world where electronics can be your friend. “ – babysue

“The sophisticated debut of Michael Durek, manages to engage with its elaborate electronic and little playing time ever thanks to the linear content and the eye of connection that is always pays attention to melody.  A disc complicated and simple at the same time.” In Your Eye Zine

The Use’s track, “Ripe”used in this Monster Energy video to welcome Curren Caples to their skate team. Video by Russell Houghton.

“All of these ten pieces are rather short and to the point, between three and five minutes, which makes that this album has quite a nice drive to it. Not too long, not too short. The perfect introduction, I should say, to a world of highly pleasing music. (FdW)” –Vital Weekly

-“quite an unexpected experience 4 the beatnut looking 4 new sounds.Check it out” –Gypsy Eyes

“What’s The Use? – Essential Listening for lovers of Experimental Music. Enjoy !!”
Lux Atenea Libros (SPAIN)

“The sounds frolic really ambient and IDM-like base going, but provide no pressure for a whole. It’s like bees to a hive harmonious dance, mosquitoes on cloud-like manner all shapes and birds flying in and out of the same tree. ” [Google translate]- Caleidoscoop (Netherlands)


Alrealon’s New Sonic Strategies Sampler on Side-line magazine.  “Speaking for myself, I was seduced by the rather IDM-approach of Black Saturn featuring a rapper on vocals and The Use feat. Rachel Mason…..” [view]

Michael Durek interviewed on WWFM HD Radio [listen]

Pas Musique featured in Direkt Aktion [view]



Cloud Cloud mentioned in The Star Ledger

SK Orchestra on SRTV in Germany




P.A.S. / Vultures in The Wire



“The Caged Bird Sings” on the front page of The Highland Park Mirror

Daily Targum – Musicians ‘caged’ in 24-hour art