4.20.11 Trios at Goodbye Blue Monday, New collaborations, Preparing for next year’s OSF

Now that the PAS tour is over there is more space, but also more time to  work.  On April 30th I’ll be at Blue Monday playing with Lawry Romani from Zilmrah and Chris Haack .  It’s curated by Robert Pepper of PAS and will include Amber Brien, Bob Seibert, Valerie Kuehne and more.

I’m very excited about recent and upcoming collaborations with folks like Jim Tuite, Richard Lainhart, Philip White, and Anthony Donovan of the Vultures (who also does the Classwar Kareoke Survey).  I am so excited, that I’m going to make you wait on some of the details.    But I will tell you about a remix that I did of Richard Lainhart’s “Cranes Fly West” that will be coming out on his next release on Ex Ovo.  Jim Tuite made a video to go along with the remix, that you can view at Certain Circuits.

3.16.11 Tour / New Blog / CD / International acts in NJ


PAS Berlin 2010


European Tour, 20 days, 5 countries

PAS is touring Europe and playing a shows and a few festivals in Lithuania, Macedonia, Poland, Greece, and Germany.  We’re very excited about returning to CocArt Festival this year where we’ll play on the same bill as Philippe Petit, Hati, and many more.  You can read all about it on my…..

Ok, I’m clearly not a celebrity with a drug habit and scores of teeny boppers banging down the door of my tour bus.  But, still, it’s pretty neat to be playing festivals and shows in other countries.  If you’re curious and/or bored, you can read about my experiences on my blog here.

April 8th Show at Alfa Gallery in New Brunswick w/ International Acts
108 Church Street New Brunswick, NJ
Time : 7pm
Cost: $6
All Ages
Richard Lainhart/ PHASTI (Poland/Brooklyn) / Yan Jun (china) / blithe(doll)

Hati is coming in from Poland to perform with PAS.  Short story: We traveled to Poland last year to play Hati’s festival but it had been canceled due to the plane crash that happened around that time.  We still met with them, and the museum there sponsored a recording session involving PAS and Hati.  Now Hati is coming to the states and we will play on April 8th as P.H.A.S.T.I.  (The CD is available on the net label, Alrealon, by the way)  Would be great if you could make it!  Also Yan Jun is on tour from China, and will be on the bill, as well as Richard Lainhart and blithe(doll).  Should be a neat time and good networking opportunity.

1.5.11 PAS Alrealon Release; Three week tour of Europe with PAS; Omega fundraiser successful

It’s been a busy holiday season! I hope you had a blessed one. Here are a few of my latest comings and goings.

This spring, I’ll be going on a 3 week tour of Europe with PAS, hitting spots like the CocArt festival hosted by HATI, Knot Gallery in Athens, Greece, the experimontag (that is the correct spelling) at Madame Claude in Berlin, a few shows in Lithuania with Agharta Label and Booking, and more. I’m applying for a grant from the US Embassy in Lithuania to help pay for all of this, so keep your fingers crossed!

Also, the new PAS Alrealon release, “Reconstruction” is out! Mixed by Robert L. Pepper, and featuring Dave Tamura, FluiD, LaptopAcidXperience, Black Saturn, John 3:16, Big Brother on Acid, and Zilmrah.

We met our funding goal for the Omega Sound Fix, and we’re excited to repeat and expand the festival next year. Thanks to all of our lovely backers who helped us meet our goal! Including, in no particular order: Alfa Art Gallery, Patrick Durek, Lisa Woodley, Steve Bumgarner, Liz Migliore, Dennis Strong, Shawn Fafarra, Dan Century, Jesse Fairbairn, Jim Tuite, Anne Percoco, Justin Zaremba, Prita Patel, Buddy Schrieber, Henry Prol, Jay Van Dyke, Matt Prol, Bern and the Brights, Val Henderson, Leigh and Neil Selden, Michiko Mull, Brian Bolanowski, Megan Gibbons, Brendan Doohan, Polly Moller, Matt McMickle, Community Sound, Scott Vizioli, Nadia Awais, Liz Migliore, Charles Hardy, and Joe Dingerdissen

11.15.10 Omega Sound Fix – an experimental music festival

Sonic Architecture Unveiled by Electronic Composers and Human-Robot Band at Underground Music Venue
Electronic Music Festival resonates in New Brunswick art gallery

Over twenty innovative international and local musicians will perform at the bleeding edge of sound on Nov. 20 & 21 at Omega Sound Fix. Headlining performers have performed with the likes of John Cage, David Tudor, Steve Reich, Lydia Lunch, Faust, and Throbbing Gristle and are exploring new territory this fall.

Richard Lainhart is an award-winning composer, author, and filmmaker renowned for his individual work and collaborations with John Cage, David Tudor, and Steve Reich. His compositions have been performed worldwide with his earliest sonic forays predating Brian Eno’s ventures into ambience.

Philippe Petit of Marseilles, France is an innovative composer, who considers himself a “musical travel agent,” and assembles “sound-images” with turn tables and digital wizardry. He has performed across Europe and the Americas with Lydia Lunch, Faust, and Throbbing Gristle.

Octant, a one-man and multi-robot band, will plumb the depths of cybernetic accompaniment on Sunday, Nov. 21. Mathew Steinke serves as the band’s Gepetto and sole human member. “I would go out of my way to see an Octant show…” writes CMJ magazine.

Tickets are $6 for one day, $10 for a two-day pass. Doors open at 6 p.m. on Saturday and 4 p.m. on Sunday.

About Omega Sound Fix:
Local musicians, Mike Durek and Mark Weinberg, spawned the idea of an innovative and eclectic music festival during a mini-golf match last summer. Durek and Weinberg expressed frustration with the lack of a new music scene in New Brunswick and sought to fill the void with innovative sounds and talented performers. Click here for more info.

List of Performers:

Day 1: Saturday 11.20.10 @ 6:30pm
Brendan Byrne
Richard Lainhart
Philippe Petit
Pots and Powercells

Day 2: Sunday 11.21.10 @ 4:30 pm
Blithe (doll)
Ezekiel Honig
Amar Chaudhary (Catsynth)

9.29.10 Art In Odd Places, Experimontage II, Omega Festival

This weekend I’m honored to be participating in the Art In Odd Places Festival, along 14th street in NYC supporting Santo Talone. Our group, the Santones, will be playing news theme songs while they are being aired in various parts of the world. The opening is this Friday (10/1) at Theaterlab, from 7pm to 8pm. Also we’ll be at Union Square on Saturday and Sunday from 4:45-6:45 (I may not be there Sunday but check out the guys if you’re around). Come hang out, since we’ll be doing a lot of that in between our 13 second, power-packed news songs. There will be lots of other events happening as well. Check AiOP for details.

October 20th is the next Experimontage at The Court Tavern! We will feature Richard Lainhart, among others. Here’s what The Wire had to say about Richard’s recent collaboration with thereminist Thomas Zunk in Schiphorst, Germany. “There’s a wispy delicacy to the music that feels like the audience is holding its breath en masse. In the near-silence, with the windows thrown wide open to the fragrant wild-grass scents of the afternoon, birdsong and insect hum mingling with the theremin’s temultuous swoon, it’s possible to close one’s eyes and image that this festival is a kind of heaven.” [Daniel Spicer]

November 20th and 21st will be a huge two day festival at Alfa Art Gallery, tentatively called the Omega. It will feature Philippe Petit from France, Richard Lainhart, PAS, Trinitron, Borne, Brendan Byrne, Octant, art and video works and much more. Mark your calenders.

7.28.10 The Experi-MENTAL Festival II

Experi-MENTAL Festival II


Thanks to everybody who came out to the tank show last night, we had a blast!

The 2nd annual Experi-MENTAL Festival is coming up on August 7th and 8th.  It’s free and it’s full of fresh music and theatre.  Cloud Cloud will play on the 7th and PAS on the 8th.  It’s can’t miss for lovers of the fringe…

7.6.10 The Avant Garde Festival

PAS + Vultures Quarter at the Avant Garde Festival Schiphorst, Germany 2010

The Avant Garde Festival, hosted by Faust, was fantastic. PAS / Vultures had a great set and I met a lot of new friends, including the Vultures, Lydia Lunch’s Big Sexy Noise, ookoi-A Table!, Reportaz, Toys’R’Noise, Philippe Petit, Blaakraft, Thorsten Soltau, Underdog, and many more. I plan on going back next year. Thanks to Mr. Pepper for persuading me and enabling me to go.

Cloud Cloud has a few shows coming up. We’ll be at National Underground on Sunday July 18th, and I’ll be at the Tank a couple times this summer -July 27th as Cloud Cloud with Ideosynchronic, and August 2nd at Amber Brien’s session.

Cloud Cloud (SIB) will also be playing a  set at the experi-MENTAL festival, at Goodbye Blue Monday on August 7th and 8th. Curated by Robert Pepper of PAS and Zilmrah, it’s sure to be killer. More details soon.

Also, I applied for a Sound and Music grant to do The Caged Bird Sings at Cafe Oto in London. Fingers are crossed !!! We shall see…

There are also other things in the works. Maybe something outside, under the stars, surrounded by water. Something out of the way but visible, hearing the waves, feeling the breeze and feeling alive. Tasting the succulent nectar of inspiration and irritation, and having been seduced out of our crazy minds, basking in the pleasure of our company, to refer to a hilarious book by Steve Martin. Yes there are many other things in the works. 🙂

6.9.10 Olympia Experimental Music Festival

Hi all! It’s been a while but here’s an update…

Tomorrow, Pas is off to play the Olympia Experimental Music Festival.  They’ve been putting this thing on since like 1997, back when I was still busy learning Green Day and Sublime songs.   We’ll be playing as a three-piece which is always a blast (though Jon will sorely be missed).

This Sunday, 6/13/10  Copesetic is playing the Boro6 indie music festival.  We’ll be joining our friends Tip Canary, Bern and the Brights, The McMickle Brothers, The Porchistas, Rainbow Fresh, The One & Nines,  and more!

Robert and I sat down and started mixing The Caged Bird Sings CD, so be on the look out for that in coming months.

Also, have you seen Tumei Tejas‘s work ?  He’s a fresh new and barrier-smashing video artist that I’ve had the pleasure of collaborating with for the past year or so.   Cloud Cloud has been performing with his videos in a live setting, but we’ve also been very busy in our studios, getting things recorded, synced up, and legalized for public viewings.