Making an appearance on the new Jordan Bratton album

Amazingly talented artist Jordan Bratton has a new album coming out. Some of Durek’s playing made it to one of the upcoming tracks.  It was worked on by master Billy Perez at iiwii sound too.  Jordan is a heavy hitter with wisdom well beyond his years.  There are two of my favorites to get you started if you don’t know him yet.

And, his track Sinful World

Complicit Premiere’s Film Society of Lincoln Center and IFC

Complicit is a film by Heather White and Lynn Zhang, which highlights the inhumane practices of FoxxConn – one of Apple’s source facilities. The track I produced and co-wrote, “On My Deathbed feat. Rachel Mason” is featured in the film.  NYC shows are June 12th at Film Society of Lincoln Center, and June 17th at the IFC. Info

TheUse’s Semantix video Premiered by The Wire Magazine

Screen Shot 2016-07-27 at 11.44.59 AM

New York label Alrealon Musique offered up this track for The Wire’s Below The Radar special compilation series. Watch TheUse’s exclusive video here

TheUse is theremin player and electronic music producer Michael Durek, who released his debut album What’s The Use? on Alrealon Musique in 2014. His work incorporates elements of techno, jazz, hiphop and psych pop. TheUse has toured the US, Europe, India and Canada.

This exclusive video was directed by Durek’s cousin Brian Bolanowski and mastered by All Real Sound. The track is available for subscribers to download as part of The Wire Below The Radar Special Edition: Alrealon Musique Presents From A To U.

TheUse playing Excepter Presents Equinox at Trans Pecos with Interval and DJ L. Gray


Most excited to be kicking off this Equinox Show!

TheUse (Theremin)
L. Gray, DJ
Plus special appearance by The Queen of May

Night of The Broken Hard Beats – March 5th

It was a great pleasure to curate the Alrealon Musique Presents: Night of The Broken Hard Beats at Out to See Festival at the Southstreet Seaport!  Thank you to the OTS team Alex Cox, Django Voris and Yvonne Grzenkowicz, and to Emily Thompson Flowers, Speak Onion, zRonk, Your Grace Adrianna Natalie, Aphreaq and the door help Nick Garaffa and Benny Przewozny. I also got to perform a new theremin piece called “To Flowers, with Love, dedicated to Emily’s floral installation.  OTS March 5th Hard Beats Flier for WEB

Reg Bloor (Concertmaster for Glenn Branca Ensemble) CD Release @ Trans Pecos

Just before Reg Bloor plays Pitchfork’s Tinnitus @ National Sawdust along with Stephen O’Malley of Sun O))) , Andrew Hoch, and more, she’s releasing a brand new CD at Trans Pecos on Oct 22nd ! 

October 22nd will be intimate special show, feat Talibam! TheUse w/ Christy Edwards, Skronklife, of course Reg Bloor and VJ MAMIKO KUSHIDA !